Pioneer & Founder

The Late, Dr. Naushad Noorali Merali

Dr. Naushad Merali contributions to the Kenyan Economy and the wellbeing of its people earned him the Presidential National Awards of ‘Chief of the Order of Burning Spears (CBS) and Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS). Through his leadership skills, Kabarak University awarded him with an honorary degree in Business Leadership in year 2015.

Dr. Merali also served as a member of, the National Poverty Eradication Commission, the Kenya Export Promotion Council, the National Economic and Social Council, Board Trustee Member of the National Cancer Institute of Kenya all of which were Presidential appointments. He was also a member of World Economic Forum up to year 2015.

His vision for Africa was to build the best future possible for the generations to come through progress and dynamism in business and industry.


The Mission

To manage investment opportunities across Africa in sectors where we can capitalise on our unique successful East African experience.

A Dynamic Culture

That impels them to stay at par with international developments and technology in their respective sectors.

Formidable Partnerships

With the strongest of international names and brands.

Demonstrated Success

That has seen the companies rise to market leadership in their respective business sectors.

A Commitment to Responsible Corporate Citizenry

Which is why individual companies gauge their success not just by profit, but also by responsible environment policies, contributions made towards the welfare of the people in the nations they serve and respect for all employees