Sameer Africa PLC is a public limited company first incorporated in Kenya in 1969 as Firestone East Africa Limited. The company’s principal business is the importation and sale of tyres and allied products and the letting of investment property. We operate primarily in Kenya, with tyre operations in Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi.

Sameer Africa PLC is 72.48% owned by Sameer Investments Limited, a leading economic force in East Africa with over thirty years’ experience in Kenya’s industrial and economic development and a provider of direct and indirect employment for over 30,000 people.

Sameer Africa also offers the SUMMIT tyre to all markets as a value-for-money tyre brand, positioned in the economy segment of the market.

The company’s redefined strategy offers a more comprehensive range of tyre brands aimed at closing existing gaps in all the market segments, including Off-The-Road tyres that cater for specialized applications in mining, industrial, forestry and construction.

Sameer Africa is on a path to growth and future prosperity and hence the rollout of one-stop auto-care outlets, Yana Tyre Centres, across East Africa. Yana Tyre Centres serve as centers of excellence in the provision of complete auto solutions in line with Sameer Africa’s vision.

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