Sasini Ltd Ventures Into Macademia Nuts

05th Jan 2017 Latest News

Sasini Limited will set up a Sh 400 million Macadamia Factory as part of revenue diversification strategy. The firm has embarked on inter-planting of Macadamia with Coffee bushes and has planted more than 2000 seedlings which they will sell to farmers at a subsided cost. Sasini plans to hire more than 3,000 people once the plant is complete and promises to look for direct markets abroad for better returns to the farmers.

Sasini Limited Company is investing an estimated Sh400 million to venture into the macadamia nuts business as it seeks to diversify from the coffee trade.

The firm said the venture would also boost farmers’ incomes.

The factory will be put up next to the company’s coffee mill at Ndumberi in Kiambu County, and construction is expected to start on Monday next week with a ground-breaking ceremony.

The factory, which will be on a 20-acre piece of land, has been marked as an Export Processing Zone (EPZ). It is expected to be operational by January 2018.

With the new venture, Sasini is expected to face off with other established players in the nuts business, among them Thika-based Jangle Nut and Equatorial Nut Processors (ENP) which is associated with Equity Bank Chairman Peter Munga. Other firms are Kenya Nut, and Athi River Wondernuts International.

While announcing the new investment during the company’s 10th farmers’ open day at the coffee mill in Kiambu on Friday, Group Chairman Naushad Merali (above) said the venture is tailored towards offering a new revenue for income generation to farmers, especially those dealing with coffee.

Farmers will inter-plant the two crops in their already established farms. With this, Mr Merali said growers would generate an additional Sh300,000 per hectare from their farms once they start harvesting the nuts after six years.