Africa, the last great land of opportunity.

Africa has great reserves of natural resources and manpower, a growing market (10% of the world lives here), and high rates of return on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); the strengthening of necessary infrastructure, and a general openness to international trade have also contributed to an enhanced investment environment.

Key areas of FDI in Africa have been Tourism, Petroleum, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Mining & Quarrying, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Products.

The UK, US, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands are the major investors in the region.

The extension of the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA) to 2015, and Africa’s own initiatives such as the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and COMESA (the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa) have all played crucial roles in attracting FDI into Africa, and retaining it there.


Capital: Nairobi
Area: 582,650 sq km
Population: 32 Million
Land-use: 7% Arable Land, 1% Agricultural, 37% Pastures , 30% Forests , 25% Other.
Climate: Tropical Equatorial, modified by altitude.
Languages: Swahili and English.
Currency: Kenyan Shilling.
Natural resources: Gold, limestone, soda ash, salt, gemstones and fluorspar.
Major industries: Tourism, Agriculture (tea, coffee, wheat, corn, etc.), Consumer Goods, Oil Refining, Cement, Dairy, Horticultural Products and Petroleum Products.


Capital: Dar-es-Salaam
Area: 939,361sq.km
Population: 35 Million
Land-use: 38% Forested, 39% Under Pastures, 4% Agricultural, 19% Other.
Climate: Tropical Equatorial, modified by altitude.
Languages: Swahili and English.
Currency: Tanzanian Shilling.
Major industries: Agriculture, Cement, Food Processing, Oil Refining and Textiles, and Key Exports include Cloves, Coconuts, Coffee, Cotton, Diamonds and Sisal. Consumer Goods, Toy Manufacturing, and Computer Hardware Production are Subsidiary Industries.


Capital: Kampala
Area: 241,038 km.sq
Population: 25 Million
Land-use: 21% Cultivated, 45% Woodland, 13%, National Parks, 21% Other
Climate: Tropical
Languages: English, Luganda, Swahili
Currency: Uganda Shilling.
Natural resources: Copper, Cobalt, Hydropower, Limestone, Salt and Arable Land.
Major industries: Agriculture (coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, etc.), Fishing, Electrical Products, Iron and Steel, Corporate Finance and General Insurance.

Sameer Group Overview

The Sameer Group is a leading economic force in East Africa. We have over thirty years experience in Kenya's Industrial and economic development.

Our investment in the Kenyan economy provides direct and indirect employment for over 30,000 people. We are proactive in the development of Africa.